Using the Remote Admin Service

This page explains how to use the Remote Admin service and how it can be configured securely. For more detailed information on what each option of the Remote Admin settings is for, please view the Remote Admin page.

The Remote Admin Service #

This service allows you to manage your mail server remotely using any standard web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Chrome). Remote Admin allows control over all the same areas as the normal application interface as well as providing access for viewing logs.

Enabling the Remote Admin Service #

Enabling Remote Admin is easy and can be done by enabling a single tick box. However, you must also ensure that you have provided valid admin login user and password in the General settings. For more information on managing the listening port, please view the Using the Listening Services page.

Using Remote Admin #

Remote Admin is designed to look and feel similar to normal dialog interface. The idea is that once you are familiar with the normal dialog interface, you should be able to use Remote Admin without further study. However, because Remote Admin is made from HTML pages, some of the more advanced functions of the dialog interface are not implemented in Remote Admin. The URL to access Remote Admin will be in the form of http://yourhostorip:9000.