Using the IMAP4 Service

This page explains how to use the IMAP4 service and how it can be configured securely. For more detailed information on what each option of the IMAP4 settings is for, please view the IMAP4 page.

The IMAP4 Service #

IMAP4 stands for Internet Message Access Protocol version 4 and is a popular method of mail access. Many professionals now say that IMAP4 is the best method of access to your mail as it provides the most advanced mail experience. IMAP4 is designed for access to the same account from multiple computers and will ensure good synchronization. It has support for folders, uploading mails and setting mail flags (such as the read status). This means that two users which are logged into the same account at the same time should be able to observe each others actions.

Enabling the IMAP4 Service #

Enabling IMAP4 is easy and can be done by enabling a single tick box. For more information on managing the listening port, please view the Using the Listening Services page.