The activity page allows you to analyze usage patterns through 3 detailed graphs. The graphs also automatically adjust and scale according to the current data range. To adjust the displayed data, simply tick or un-tick the appropriate options within the legend and select a filter method from the drop down list. The storage life time of activity data is adjustable from within the Admin settings.

Activity #

  • Time Range - This allows you to select the time range in which to display the data. Most of the filter options which begin with 'Last' will enable the graphs to automatically update. The bottom filter 'Custom' option allows you to customize the exact time range.
  • Data Transfer Graph - This graph displays data flows in and out of the FTP server.
  • Connections Graph - This graph displays connection events such as connections, SSL hand shakes and logins.
  • File IO Graph - This graph displays file events such as uploads/downloads, folder viewing and deletions.

See Also: Admin, Status, Sessions, Logs.